Monday, October 1, 2007

Hemingway v. Proust

Alex Ross (the classical music critic and not superhero comics artist) talks about his new book and eponymous blog The Rest is Noise, in this week's New Yorker podcast thingie, but I can't post a link until at least 50 words into my writing or else it screws up the RSS feed thingie on Giant Robot (another link I can't post yet); none of which helps my agonized realization this morning that my blog postings are needless long and drawn out - a conclusion I came to in the midst of a writing tutorial I was giving (hand on lowered forehead, shaking), in which I expounded on the virtues of brevity, which if taken to heart, would lead to poetry resembling an assortment of beautiful Hemingway-esque lines instead of this Proust-like run-on sentence/piece of doodoo.

in other words,

The New Yorker gets new yorker than itself,
looking something like a Giant Robot.
The Rest is Noise.

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