Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My friend described a wall to me once. The wall you hit in the middle of a road. You know, the one made of solid titanium alloy, a million feet high and a million feet wide. On the other side is The Point, so thanks to the wall, the road you're on is seemingly pointless.


Some suggested cures to The Wall:

1. Play Pink Floyd's The Wall wait. Play it with The Wizard of Oz after the third MGM Lion's roar. Wait, no. Don't. But maybe play "Money" over and over.
2. Take Vitamin B6. Nature's Prozac.
3. Take 5HTP. Nature's Xanax.
4. Take a nap.
5. Get some peanut butter and a dog. Go to the bathroom with both.
6. Leave the country for a while.
7. Think of all the kids eating rocks in some impoverished country, and guilt yourself into doing a year's worth of work.
8. Blame your spouse and hit him/her/it. (Please don't do this unless your spouse is hitting you first, or your spouse is Dane Cook.)
9. Crawl into a corner, cry like an evangelist, apply black kohl eyeliner and listen to Disintegration by The Cure or anything by Sigur Ros, Mice Parade.
10. Make a U-turn.

You guys got any suggestions?


Deborah said...

Dearest Anne,

I don't know you at all except from what you write, but I'd say you were due some sort of vacation to let the little gray cells re-energize. Eat healthy food and get some exercise. Set January 3rd as the day you sit down and start writing again. You're a clever person, you can do it--whatever it is you're looking for. You don't have to post this. I'm your old aunty peeking over your shoulder, but actually I do it not because I'm related and have to, but because I found you and I enjoy your writing...

ill iterate said...


That's the sweetest thing I've ever heard from a non-relative.
I definitely feel better after having evaded tact and disclosed my frustration.

It's funny you should mention healthy food and excercise. Right after this very post I went to a yoga class and made salmon pilaf with spinach and beets (high protein and fiber meal to give me energy and to "clear" my system).