Monday, October 22, 2007

The Tokyo International Film Festival is well underway, and in recent discussion board postings, talk has been mounting over :

United Red Army

I apologize to anyone who just googled that title, and is now wondering what soccer-powerhouse Manchester United has to do with anything (the answer is nothing). The movie is actually about the Japanese terrorist-socialist group. They were infamously violent (and young); stories about the organization sound more like myth.

The film looks at the Asama Sansou Event in particular - the Japanese equivalent of The Davidian Church invasion in Waco Texas, sort of.

But here's the kicker - Jim O'Rourke did the music for the film.

[Update: O'Rourke talks about the film director (Koji Wakamatsu) in this clip on Wakamatsu's website.]

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