Monday, October 22, 2007

International Planetary

Here's a great article about Shan Sa - Chinese expat author in Paris whose new book is about Tokyo. She won an award for "The Girl Who Played Go" and she's not pro-Japan or China or Europe, but writes locative narratives that necessarily involve politics.


Also did anyone watch the Sox kill the Indians last night? At one point in their commentary, an unusually unsympathetic Joe Buck said of "Japanese import Daisuke Matsuzaka":

His gyroball is just an overglorified screwball.

Later, either he or Tim McCarver got all samurai on Matsuzaka:

The word Matsuzaka used was atone. He wants to atone for Game 3 by winning Game 7. It's been difficult transitioning from the Japanese league...but no matter his facial expression, Matsuzaka has a real passion for this team.

I.e. His face is totally placid, but he's ready to seppuku to The Series.

And speaking of the baseball love affair between US and Japan, Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters (best. team. name...EVER) manager Trey Hillman has been acquired by the Kansas City Royals. I really don't mean to let the nip on my shoulder get the better of me, but it's truly heartening to see Asian athletes be taken seriously. Even when they're American athletes coaching...Ham Fighters. Oh man, what I'd GIVE to run their PR.

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Deborah said...

About Trey Hillman!! Living in Japan, as an American, in a world where George Bush is president, Trey Hillman is one of the very few people I can point to and say I'm proud to be an American. He is well-liked and appreciated and I'm going to miss him! The Royals' gain is those ham-fisted Fighters loss, but they would of kept him had he stayed. Just as long as he atones for leaving by doing something spectacular in Kansas, that's all I ask...