Monday, October 22, 2007

Whoah. Viz Media has a blog. (see their homepage)

So a couple of nights ago I waxed business savvy about blogging with some friends and came up with the following three cents:

1. The hierarchy of blogs: livejournals are at the bottom of the totem pole. (I'd say it's actually MySpace blogs, but that's not fair to all the entertainer blogs kids seem to dig so much.)

Right above livejournals is the corporate blog, and just above that is the media blog, but the king of the blog is the self-named domain.

2. The thing with blogs is that bloggers are not tyrants. That's why when tyrants (executive heads, sales people) start corporate business blogs, they suck. Non-tyrants can smell each other out. Proof of the blogosphere's lack of tyranny:

Ever notice how wonderfully little litigation you read about over blogright? Note: blogrights are not the same as trademark or copyright, so when Blue Chip Monster sues Bambi's Mom Blog for leaking information, it's just more coporate deer hunting.

See, bloggers don't sue. They whine about "netiquette" and will hate on each other through comments boards or snide remarks, but borrowing is still borrowing is still borrowing. I mean look at blog-design alone! No one is taking anyone else to court over borrowed templates and improvements on xml. Talk of theft is only made by creative types to friends who don't care. Not lawyers.
So, I rue the day blogs become as ceased and desisted as the rest of the world.
God rue the day I become nostalgic for spam...

3. Ex-Vertical colleage Kerim and I agreed we'd do whatever it took to coin my neologism:


It's not quite phobia, but simple indifference to ethnic diveristy. I thought of this term when describing New England. If you coined the term already, sorry. If not, consider this my blogright.

This is sounding like a drunken rant. It's just chicken soup, folks.

Word of the Day: Pucker

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ryan said...

In the tiny arena of blogrights, homegirl can sign up for a Googlemark over the term or turn of phrase that you coined. It's pretty silly but an interesting experiment?

I googlemark'd "the art/mindfuck post-WWII detritus of angst" -- my description of Makoto Aida's Mutant Hanako.

XENOAPATHY is calling out to you! (and will email you when your terms starts to propagate!)