Monday, November 19, 2007

Lovin' You...It's Easy Because You're Not Ugly

My last post read like the rant of a Jewish mother crossed with a Korean mother. I apologize. It's been a long day.

But permit me to go bad stand-up comedy for one more posting.

Last Friday I drank a lot of alcohol with two other drinkers, and suddenly everything was funny, including the "Loving You" by Minny Ripperton playing at the restaurant I was in. If you've ever really listened to the song, she starts singing about making love to this beautiful person...which led me to wonder: what would I think if someone said, "lovin' you is easy cuz' you're beautiful?" It's kind of a weird thing to say to someone you're making love to.
This had me laughing to myself all weekend and I came up with some prospective new titles for the bat siren anthem of love:

Thank God You're Hot
Thank God You're Hot (The Brow Wipe Remix)
You Know How Hard This Would Be If You Were Toe-up?
Lovin' You (It's Easy Cuz You're Not Ugly)
I Love You Just [Because of] The Way You Are

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Isabell Kratz said...

Hi there, I'd just like to share that it's certainly more of a challenge to love an ugly person. But as they say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and love can turn the ugliest duckling into a swan. Anyway I'd rather make love to someone who's ugly, but kind and generous, rather than someone who's beautiful, but nasty and stingy...