Monday, November 19, 2007

Art Sale, Cause

My friend Amy runs a great cause called Visual Aids, which "utilizes the visual arts to promote AIDS awareness and...historicizes the contributions of artists with HIV and the estates of artists lost to AIDS."

On December 1-2, VisualAids is selling over 1000 post-card sized artworks by established and emerging artists at their 10th Annual Postcards From the Edge benefit. [James Cohan Gallery, 533 W. 26th St.]

These original pieces of art are selling for only $75, and artists include Kiki Smith and Barry McGee, to mention just a couple of the more established artists Giant Robot fans might be interest in.

If you didn't get to go to the Post-It Show at GR2 because you're in New York City, well...this isn't the same but it's similar. And I don't know about you, but a $75 postcard is about all I can afford in terms of art.

Check it out.

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