Thursday, November 1, 2007

Your Japanese Noise Digest

"I like Christ but I hate Christianity." -Keiji Haino

Who needs to blow out their ears at a live show when you got YouTube? It's like watching Joel Osteen on TV instead of sitting in a sports arena waiting to feel God through a PA and the wild gesticulations of the person next to you finding his tongue somewhere behind his frontal lobe.

So without further ado, some amazing Japanese Noise clips chez YouTube:

First, The Incapacitants at the No Fun Fest in Red Hook Brooklyn:

Next, Atsuhira Ito, who as far as I know, is the only fluorescent light bulb player in the world. (Thanks, Lorrie)

and Finally, via WFMU, what might arguably be the best footage of Masonna.

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DETACH said...

Did you go to Boris/Michio Kurihara at Bowery last week? It was... "bad ass", to quote my friend...