Friday, December 14, 2007

From The BBC:

A Dutch diplomat has denied trying to "get rid" of a seven-year-old South Korean daughter he adopted as a baby, amid public outcry over the case.

South Korean officials said Raymond Poeteray and his wife gave up the child because she had failed to integrate.

But Mr Poeteray told Dutch media that the couple had parted ways with their daughter because of ill health.

Even if this guy is being sincere, what kind of douchebag "gives up" their child because they're ill? According to the adopting couple, the girl had an extreme fear of bonding that was diagnosed by a shrink. Her illness was that she wouldn't get close to anyone. So of course it makes sense to send her to an orphanage...

Little Jade wouldn't call us mom and dad, so we're sending her to an orphanage in Hong Kong.


Thanks for the heads up, Amy.

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