Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Relegiance, or Tap That (Comp)ass

Just saw The Golden Compass. I give it a "meh" but as many have already remarked, the panserbjorne were worth the ticket price. The poor film can't win though - it's too atheistic or too disloyal to the original story depending on who you ask.

I was conversing with friend Sanford about the subject of religion and the masses and realized how ironic it is that the masses would be politically mobilized through religion. People typically tend towards church in times of trouble (what my childhood Sunday school teacher would have called "poor weather Christians"). So it's ironic that certain politicians (Bush admin) should rally the church, since its congregants were swollen with economic and health-care related miseries of their creation. Tsk tsk.

But I digress. The question is, if you had a daemon (assuming we're all adults and so it would already be settled, unlike Lyra's Pantaleimon), what shape would it take?


ryan said...

I'd like to think mine would basically be the 5 month old Knut. BUT WITH TALKING

tomspurgeon said...

A very tiny Regis Philbin.