Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Got a problem? Go Asian.

There's such a thing as the Asian Pacific American Dispute Resolution Center.

Founded in 1989, the nonprofit center, in Koreatown, provides mediation and conflict resolution services to the wide range of ethnic communities in the city, with a focus on the Asian-Pacific Islander population. The center's credo is that peace building is critical to the livelihood of Los Angeles.
The center's youth division, Youth Mediators United, provides mediation training to students and faculty at several Los Angeles high schools and middle schools, such as Jefferson High. And the center reports great success. For example, in the four years that it has offered mediation services at Le Conte Middle School in Hollywood, the campus' suspension rate has dropped 50%.

If I believed for even a second that this would work in New York City schools I would not say this made me laugh as much as it impressed me.


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