Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Apologies for my absence from the blog board y'all...though I suspect I'm the only one who missed me during this big holiday break. Suffice it to say I'm stoked to be back in the now dreary back office of my apartment, sitting at a computer instead of eating empty snacks.

But fun, did I have, eating. I think I lost my appetite somewhere between Halloween and Thanksgiving, seemingly for good. Who knew white bread and chicken breasts would catalyze my insatiable open mouth policy? My favorite thing to eat now is overcooked vegetables.

Speaking of eggs, I finally learned the true meaning of Christmas this year - watching kids tear through gift wrap in a Sisyphian trance of neverending anticipation. I watched as three kids under the age of 13 opened thousands of dollars worth of gifts like rabid dogs, and well, it made me happy...and scared. (Ibid: the gang-rape scene in "A Clockwork Orange")So that the effect of this picture isn't lost on you, let me just point out that the tree is at least 9 feet tall in this picture before the kids went at their presents. And that means the gift-wrapped boxes stack up to about five feet high at its apex.

Now, I realize anyone going on a trip out into the alien real world is going to find some funny stuff along the way. I found this just outside of a Best Buy foyer:Glow Crosses! 'Cuz it's fun to honor Jebus in the dark! (Viz: Anne wearing Oakley sunglasses, a torn off-the-shoulder sweatshirt, wearing pink lipstick, sporting two thumbs up)

I'm generally of the belief that no one philosophy of God should be more ridiculed than the other except the Rael sect (RE--tards), but glow in the dark crosses, much like evangelical hip-hop, could only really be the brainchild of a seriously misinformed adult trying to make friends with little kids.

Speaking of hip-hop...

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gerry from powells said...

Hey Anne,

Happy New Year yerself.

When I was in second grade, in a catholic school (St. Matthew's in Philly), I had a set of glow-in-the-dark rosary beads...never understimate the thrill of luminous crucifixes.