Thursday, January 3, 2008

Home-bound Workers' Profiles

Assholier Than Thou left a great comment on "Marching Band to Home Office" (sorry, no links because of the GR system).
so i think we should all post our own staged david dehl home office photos. you first.

This is a great idea.

So here's me at work:

And here's me on my break:

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Matt Kish said...

Holy crap! I somehow just found this new blog! After you left Vertical, and that blog, I nearly lost my will to live and have been fading bit by bit. Thank God I have a new lease on life.

For some reason, I found this whole post inordinately funny and nearly howled with laughter at the photos. My compliments.

Oh, and I work in a library, in the imaginatively abbreviated O.C.D. (office of collection development) so I have no funny pictures to share. Sorry.