Thursday, January 3, 2008

T-Pain part 2

I just realized something. If he's throwing money at no one in particular, does that make him stupid, or just narcissistic?

Also, some shameless self-reference. Heidi over at The Beat asked a bunch of people what happened in 2007 and what will happen in 2008 with comics. Most of us said something about superhero movies and the digitization of comics (big ups on the majors putting archives online! Way big ups). Anyway, Heidi used a picture of me looking like a lesbian chode, and I feel bad about it so I'm making everyone look.

And it's not a blog if the gift don't keep givin'. It's my turn to ask:

What's the biggest thing that happened in 2007 in any subject that might come up in a conversation with me? (i.e. I don't care about Spears' pregnancies unless their children look like ewoks)

The biggest thing that'll happen in 08?

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