Thursday, January 17, 2008

I swear that this is not a dig at Americans or The South, but this has to be the funniest caucus of Japan-heads I've read about...but man, only in Chattanooga TN.

"Here's the Tokyo subway; can you imagine that?" said Matt Mancuso, a customer reporting agent at Cigna, showing a map of the 5.7-million passenger system to a table of 10 at Sushi Nabe at Coolidge Park.

Mr. Mancuso does have to imagine it.

Though he co-founded the city's most popular foreign-culture Internet-based social group, he's never been to Japan.

That doesn't stop him from attending monthly meetings of the Chattanooga Japanese Language and Culture meet-up, spending $25 per month for Japanese cable or rooting for the Chunichi Dragons.

With 59 members, Japanese Language and Culture is more popular than local culture clubs focused on Spanish, empaths, walkers, coffee lovers, pregnant women, Dungeons & Dragons players, Al Gore drafters and real estate developers.

You hear that? More popular than pregnant women!

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