Thursday, January 17, 2008


I used to have a pathological obsession with the show Alias. Somewhat embarrassingly, I never really got into Lost. I may as well have been telling people,

"Vertigo is the jam! I mean, what was up with that whole Joshua Tree and War crap back in the '80s? And what about those nifty sunglasses Bono (pronounced boh-noh) huh? Love it!"

However, in my defense, I like J.J. Abrams, because like many movie-goers, I get sucked into a volatile and ambivalent curiosity only he can conjure.
Case in point, the Cloverfield trailer.

Anyway, all that to say there's a manga adaptation of Cloverfield, which essentially sucks all the curiosity out of you and replaces it with hamfisted gratification.
link from the Wired magazine blog .

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Aaron Stewart Ahn said...

Cloverfield is just The Host with yuppies and the Blair Witch's camera.

A remake of The Host for the USA is set up... The only way they can do it is if they set it in New Orleans.