Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Reel Geezers

(via the WFMU blog)
Reel Geezers: two octogenarian Hollywood veterans (Marcia, a seasoned agent and producer whose credits include Carrie) and Lorenzo (dude screenwrote Papillon...amazing), discuss current films.

At first you're expecting two senile senior citizens poo-pooing real slowly about Hollywood blockbusters but it's so much better and less gimmicky than that. These two really know their film history, and make some apt comparisons and contrasts.

And their critiques aren't predictable. On the one hand, the language in Superbad was too gross for them, but Lorenzo says at one point about Lars and the Real Girl, that he would have liked the movie if the real doll were "kidnapped and raped by a local thug." Otherwise it was just "delusional."

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Assholier Than Thou said...

holy shit i love them!

more for the fact that i watch matine movies during the week with old jewish folks just like lorenzo and marcia in the only arthouse theater in queens, the kew gardens cinemas.