Tuesday, January 8, 2008

(via Same Hat-Ryan via Japundit)
This poster was supposed to go up in JR East stations all throughout the town of Morioka but officials decided that an ad for a Naked Festival of Men proudly displaying an Asahara Shoko lookalike and what almost looks like a soul train in the background would freak people out.

Yeah, I'm pretty scared just looking at it too...though the festival itself sounds interesting...and yes, a little scary:

In the festival, crowds of men wearing nothing but loincloths participate in scrambles using sacks called sominbukuro. The festival, which has continued for about 1,000 years, is held in the hope of warding off plagues and producing bumper crops. This year, it will be held between the evening of Feb. 13 and early Feb. 14.

Scrambles in sacks. Hmph, you don't say.


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