Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The San Francisco Chronicle profiles Redroom.com - a sort of social networking site/dating service for literary people (publishers, writers, booksellers, etc.).

Redroom.com, which premiered Dec. 21, is one of the more ambitious online communities for writers to date and perhaps the most timely, aiming to capitalize on the current potential for profitability of social-networking sites. It features 150 authors (with 400 more to come), ranging from Amy Tan and Salman Rushdie to Edinburgh Castle Pub owner Alan Black; Graham Leggatt, executive director of the San Francisco Film Society, who moonlights as a sci-fi writer; and local mystery writer Cara Black.

It was started by an Ivory Madison, (who on top of having a ridiculous alias or unbelievably perceptive parents, looks like a sexy cross between Siri Hustvedt and Marisha Pessl) and has been doing OK, apparently. Now, I don't know if the Chronicle's writing is confusing me or if I'm just having a hard time fathoming this, but if this is a "community for writers to date," what are Salman Rushdie, and Amy Tan (ggahghagggh...) doing on it? Is it that hard out there? (Pun intended)


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