Monday, February 25, 2008

Baroness Ishii

Hey kids. Just got back from firewalled Long Beach, sorry for the lapse in my super-important blogportage. Whatever do you do when I'm actually working?

So, a friend just sent me this picture claiming the woman depicted to bear my resemblance. It's the Baroness from G.I. Joe.

While I don't totally disagree, the fact that this has clearly been drawn from the P.O.V. of someone looking up at my "agony is ecstasy" facial expression is especially frightening, if not the facial expression itself.

For what it's worth I usually take my glasses off if I know I'm going to "make it count." Certainly for Snake Eyes.


Ed Sizemore said...

When you're away, I usually hide in a dark corner of my room and tell myself it's going to be alright once you get back.

Btw, when your Cobra forces take over the world, and we know they will, I hope you remember your loyal readers and treat us kindly.

salty eric said...

that's actually storm shadow, snake eye's evil blood brother!