Monday, February 11, 2008

This news article made me think. What would be a good name for a discount organic Chinese grocer?

Trader Cho's
(Anne does eyebrow dance. Huh? Huh?)

OK, maybe not. But here's another example of where ostensible wit is sometimes a dead-end: I came up with the punchline to a joke, but can't for the life of me figure out the best, most succint way to phrase the set-up. The punchline:

Camo Toe
(eyebrow dance?)

Which reminds me, I was sorting out my deductibles for my tax return, when I came across a receipt for one LEATHER THONG. Hu-whut? It took me a few minutes. First I thought, maybe I'd accidentally taken a friend's receipt. Or maybe I picked it up at that bikers bar to write Butchy McDikestra's number on the back. No and no. Curiouser still, the receipt was from Modell's Sporting Goods. A sporty leather thong? Somehow that made it more wrong. I mean, a plain leather thong? Maybe. A breathable leather thong with a Nike swoosh right where the T intersects? Ew. And then it hit me. Early last year I'd bought a pair of nice beach sandals with contoured leather insoles, aka leather thongS (emphasis on plural 's'). Relieved I hadn't lapsed in judgement and memory, I wiped my forehead (with a stained leather handkerchief, naturally) and threw the receipt away so as not to incur similar confusion from my accountant.

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