Monday, February 11, 2008


I'm not a foodie per se, but I appreciate good tastes, and I've just rediscovered something that makes EVERYTHING delicious.

MINT! I had some in a Vietnamese salad the other day and it was awesome. Threw some in my pasta pomodoro. Awesome. On top of berries. Awesome. All by itself. Awesome. Put some on my face. Boyfriend said it was awesome.

I think basically the only thing it doesn't go with is stuff that's really salty...which is good because had I my druthers saliva would be replaced by Tabasco sauce. Mint's gonna lower my blood pressure. I just know it.

Moving on...

Watching 60 Minutes last night, my friend admitted to something I find rather depressing.

I can't stand Hillary because she looks and sounds just like my mom.

He said. And man...he ain't kidding (I've met her and the resemblance is uncanny). But it's sad. I have a sad suspicion many men resent the sort of matriarchal pant-wearing tacky-meets-unassailable Momma's-boy mom-ness about her.

My question is for all you Momma's Boys out there:
Does the thought of someone like your mom being president bother you?
...wait, no. Better question. This one for everyone:

What if your mother were president? I don't mean, 'what if your mom were politically powerful,' or 'what if your mom were Hillary Clinton,' but your mom. The woman that is your mother right here, right now. If she were president? [And if you don't have a mother, all my condolences. Picture an important woman friend 13 to 40 years your senior.]

If my mother were president, we'd make linguistics a compulsory course, because it would be the only way to understand the non-language she speaks. We'd all be surrogate parents of abandoned cats, and dogs. Congress would receive care packages every week filled with socks, sample medication, packets of ramen and a handwritten note with hearts instead of dots over the 'i's. At the beginning of every work week she'd have a State of the Union performance of Monday, Monday.

Buy some mint for your mom, folks.


Assholier Than Thou said...

ill iterate said...

aahahahaha. "asians love hillary because her dad's a dick." i like that.

did you catch in the interview, she also said she swears by vitamins? if that's not winning asian votes too, i dunno what is.

Red Pooka said...

My Mom's one of the scariest and most brilliant people I know. (Seems cool on paper, growing up with an evil scientist who makes wicked-cool birthday cakes.)

Mom as president = hyper-efficient predator drones delivering WMDs to countries, and possibly neighbors, who don't agree with Mom.

(Hillary don't scare me.)

Assholier Than Thou said...

i was thinking more the peppers than the vitamins, but theyll do as well.

Deborah said...

There is definitely some writing and thinking genius in there. Now off the genius topic of Mom-as-president (would she write to everyone once a week to all US citizens living overseas and include recipes?), I swear by cilantro. My husbando loves dill. When in Japan--yuzu and myoga. Absolutely everything tastes wonderful with them.