Monday, February 11, 2008

Via Stereogum: Frances Bean Cobain is interviewed in Harper's Bazaar...which makes me feel old.

As I read coverage of this interview (both by Stereogum and the ensuing comments board, half of whom more or less poo-pooed her averageness), I realized there's no way the child of a legend can live up to public expectations...which got me thinking, as fascinated as we are by celebrity, it is much like family business - odds of surviving more than a generation are very bad. To that effect, average kids are a high compliment to legends, because legends are generally, well, shit parents. Think about it. Frances' parents were drug addicts. One of them shot himself in the head, the other is still trying to figure out the Molly Ringwalk lipstick trick from The Breakfast Club...I'm actually kind of relieved Frances is into shopping and not leather diapers.


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