Monday, March 31, 2008

Cutest thing ever followed by dumbest thing ever

I unfortunately don't have a picture of it, but at last night's Boredom's show (awesome!): while the band raged in the round at Terminal 5 (crap venue), Yoshimi's infant child sat on a chair on what's normally the main stage, and drummed along, wearing air-control attendant headphones and using plastic brushes!

But speaking of babies...

According to an AP report on MSNBC, Asian-Americans hate girls.

WASHINGTON - Having sons is important to many Asian cultures, and now American families from those groups seem to be asserting the same preference.

A new analysis of the 2000 Census shows that among U.S. born children of Chinese, Korean and Asian Indian parents the odds of having a boy increase if the family already has a girl or two.

The implication is that thanks to obstetric technology, Asian-Americans are more likely to abort girls than other ethnicities, THOUGH the scientists who wrote the report claim they are making no implications whatsoever (uh, what about the whole "published paper reporting trend in sex selection" thing?). Curiously, the article notes:

Nevertheless, while many countries prohibit sex selection techniques without a medical purpose, the United States does not.

So...Asian-Americans hate girls, but the US sees nothing wrong with it?

link from Ryan.

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DETACH said...

The Boredoms in-store gig last night, at Other Music, was amazingly intimate, and astounding. And they played a full set! I was in love with the noise.

There should be video of it floating at some point...