Tuesday, April 22, 2008

NY Comic-Con 2008 - Cajones

"You know what would be really cool? If I looked like a three-headed dork."Now this guy. This guy deserves a post all to himself. Giant Robot's sojourn at the Javits Center (who I'm convinced has a special place in hell reserved for their after life. And I'm not talking about some fun hell of Woody Allen's devising but like the most horrifying J-horror film imaginable directed by Gasper Noe), revolved more or less around this guy. Most of us agreed he had done such a stunning job of growing into supreme dorkiness as to come full circle into Adonis-like proportions. I think it's his hair. I have a soft spot for grey curly mullets, as they remind me of the 16th century French court, which reminds me that there was a time when white people got away with anything...including grey curly mullets.

When we were setting up the booth, someone at some point said something witty (no, I can't be more vague), and he retorted in perfect "self-dialogue in mom's basement painting miniatures" timbre, "thass good. Not classic, but good." Which, I think, should be his motto.

Now, those of you who weren't able to make it to NYCC 2008, might have guessed there was a lot of Marvel/DC cosplaying, but you'll be crestfallen to hear I counted not one, but HALF of a Wolverine during the whole con.

I'll grant you he looks like Hugh Jackman. But as you might discern from the proportions of this photo, this Wolverine is a little short, his sideburns clearly glued on, his chest, a cotton-padded affair (not even polyurethane), and the agamantium claws? See for yourself. THEY'RE LITTLE NUBS! C'mon kid. I fear under all this is a 9 year old from Dayton who got lost on the way to a Jonas Brothers concert.

I know that's unfair...better a "cute" Wolverine than a walrus stuffing himself into a two-toned lycra sleeve posing as Batman. I imagine in some parallel universe Jaba the Hut 's twin sister is donning Princess Leia's gold slave bikini at Paduwon Comic-Con 2008LLA (Long Long Ago), and freaking out his brother right now.
Speaking of X-Men a la 21st century film franchise...This guy. Cyclops, but with eye-shield worn over his regular wire-frame glasses. Classic. Anyway, this guy had the best of the dorkiest introductory deliveries:

I'm about to ask you guys something you've probably never been asked before in your life. It's a favor...
Could you pin my jacket to my pants? They're falling down.

Candace obliged our young man. Later, I pinned the note from his mom with their address and emergency contact along with an inhaler, to his forehead.

Now here we go. Cosplay Crew. I love crews. Dorks are immune to ridicule when grouped in numbers, proving that with friends by your side, you don't even need to be from the same story series, or wear anything besides green paint and a wallet chain. It's not classic, but good.


Anonymous said...

Making fun of the Comic-Coners?


I gotta do that. I've got a load of pictures.

gerryinpdx said...

That first picture is priceless...it's my new wallpaper!

Anonymous said...

Wolverine in the comic books has always been 5'3. Next time, do yourself a favor and Wiki it.