Monday, April 7, 2008

PBS version of a "money shot"

So I'm immersed in PBS footage, translating conversations, but a lot of the footage was turning out to be establishing shots -- trees and lanterns and whatnot. And yet I can't fast-forward through it either because I could be missing off-camera spoken content (which I'm also supposed to translate).

In the midst of my mouth-half-open eyes-half-closed staring, I hear the cameraman say to the director:

This is what they call "the money shot" in the porn industry.

And my eyes popped open and I laughed a lung out.

I can't show you the actual shot, but it was basically...

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Deborah said...

You need to do some more marketing research. Then you'd really know the meaning of mouth-half-open eyes-half-closed, but you'd have to type at the same time. (Have fun!)