Sunday, May 4, 2008

Dry T-Shirt Contest #2

Alright. You guys didn't vote for any one DRUG acronym en masse. Y'all voted for different people! And I admit most of the entries were in fact equal in quality. So here are the runner ups, and I'm going to try this again. Vote...or as Puff once said, die.

Don't Rape Underaged Girls, Silly
Don't Repent Unless God Says
Doped Regularly, Ultimately Gonads Shriveled

Special dibs go out to this gem of dialogue:

Gerry from PDX's entry: Damned Rand Upsets Grumpy Socialists.

Email response: Who's the smart-ass with the "Damned Rand Upsets Grumpy Socialists"? (...)Rand jokes aren't funny(...)God, I hate Rand.


On that note: Dry T-Shirt Contest #2!!!

In light of the fact that I'm going to Korea all of this week, I'd like to see your best tourist slogan for the Peninsular Paradise. [strictly forbidden: blatantly racist jokes. I will cut you if you try anything lame.]

Winner gets their slogan printed on a T-shirt!

BTW everyone, prints in and of themselves are free for anyone who wants one without entering my stupid contest. "Maine, I wanna live there forever...I'm gonna learn how to fly (fish)" and "Don't Seattle For Less" are both available for free provided you send me your own shirt and a SASE. I mean, you probably got some danky ole shirt and a buck fitty lying around your house right?


Deborah said...

To heck with the acronyms. But I'd like to comment on all the travel you do for someone so seemingly dissatisfied with her career. I'd enjoy being that dissatisfied. Have fun in Korea. Bring back pics.


KOREA: the SOUTH will rise again !!

(confederate soldier with a KOREAN flag)