Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Korea Trip, Teaser Post

As if to counterpoint a week spent in a dorm suite with four other people, a backed up sewage drain and a functionless telephone (i.e. almost total radio-silence), the last couple of days of my trip to Korea were spent at an uber-luxuriant mega-complex known as The Lotte Hotel in the heart of Seoul.

We're talking serious extravagance. I mean, I would guess someone who actually ASKED for more would have their world rocked into a new dimension. As it was, I went in meek as a foreign mouse, and got a french press, fresh grounds, ridunculous furniture, a full set of real glassware, remotized everything, every bathroom product imaginable, Venetian showers (is that what it's called when the 12-inch diameter head hangs from the ceiling?), and get this...complimentary access to an indoor friggin' driving range, equipped with clubs, gloves, gear and all.


So it should not have come as any surprise to turn on the TV and get this:
Have you ever seen so many adult movie options on a hotel tv? I mean, what's an "all day adult movie," and why is that different from "on demand"? Of course, I was doubly blown away by what I perceived to be a "disabled adult movie" option. That's disable, as in porn starring the handicapped. When I showed this picture to a friend, he shook his head and said, "Anne. It says 'disable adult movies,' as in the option to turn off all those movies."

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Anonymous said...

"That's disable, as in porn starring the handicapped"

I'm glad I wasn't drinking water, otherwise I would have spit it out laughing. And lucky it wasn't HOT water that I wasn't drinking, cause I might have burned my penis cause I'm not wearing pants, in the office.