Thursday, May 15, 2008

Korea, Bowls

Don't open your stoner eyes just yet. I mean bowls like "bowl cuts."

A few months ago a KA friend of mine got a bowl cut that I thought was cute, but was ultimately misunderstood. I concluded that Asians had a harder time rocking the nerd-core look; bowl cuts and thick glasses are construed as sincere until you put on five billion dollar sneakers or a big red plastic brooch in the United States.

But then I came to Korea, and there were bowl cuts. Everywhere. On everyone.

Exhibit A: Traditional Bowl Cut Nouveau:
This is the bowl cut you saw most frequently around Seoul. I for one can tell it's hip, but I'd understand if this noona got big mouthy "hello"s from servicemen.

Exhibit B: Matching Bowl Cuts:
Boyfriends and girlfriends matching their shit up is not uncommon here. Case in point: lingerie. Yes, I said panties and bras. They sell matching his/her panties at the local equivalent of Spencer's Gifts/Claire's Accessories. So why wouldn't you get a haircut to match the one you 're boning? [This couple was really cute, but I couldn't help thinking they looked a little related (she's wearing a plain white shirt under that black cardigan)]

Exhibit C: Born-Again Bowl Cut:
This is me at the wedding. I went in for a "trim" and came out with a bowl cut. Go figure...It's kinda ok though. I think I'm pulling off the ajumma-core pretty well without giving off too much Han.

Exhibit D: OG Bowl-Cut, aka the Bowled Over:
Undoubtedly my favorite -- the bowl cut that can't help itself. Years of bowlish habitude have forced him to dig deep in the back of his head for something he can comb over...or maybe it's just a toupee.

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