Monday, June 9, 2008


I want to preface by saying that I do love the MoCCA Art Fest.

Now, it's nice that MoCCA provides a weekend of artistic prestige for what to the outside world is a consumer-market-driven, pejoratively-geeky comics universe, but I've realized one small problem. Few of the things you see at the Festival are new (most things I saw at NYCC already) and many of the conceits/themes/techniques of the mini-comics are identical. I mean, I like dinosaurs too, but c'mon.
Here's the bumper sticker:


So, while I agree with many that MoCCA Art Fest is the best way to fall in love with the comics medium for under $20, and while I always end up spending truckloads of money buying this "not new" art, I have to say the MoCCA comics event itself is not as fabulous as the Easter Parade hiding inside it.

But...despite my decrying the lack of new things, one table with pretty much ONLY new releases, was PictureBox. Let's start with Lauren Weinstein.
Everyone should go get a copy of her latest, Goddess of War. It's awesome. Despite my love-hate relationship with books that look like clapboards, I found GoW friggin' fantastic.

And...Boi Johnny Depp? (If this is you, it's a compliment, I promise). At the risk of making this blog post a PictureBox moment, I want to mention I also bought Snoo Pee by Ken Kagami, aka the most awesome thing printed on newsprint ever. (somewhat unsafe for work)

Something I thought was new but turned out to be just obscure enough not to have gotten into my grubby hands till now: the cereal box bonus prize comic book in Space Junk by Andrew Nyer at the Closed Caption Comics booth. Awesome...albeit the most expensive breakfast I ever bought for a comic book featuring something pretty damned close to an anthropomorphized dinosaur.

Personal Blog moment: I met Seibei...also awesome and along with him and Ryan, my MoCCA surrogate I finally MoCCAraoke-ed with Rocketship-Alex and his boyfriend (I know he's not gay. sheesh...) ...wicked wicked awesome. Patronize their businesses y'all.


Anonymous said...

SOooo... you're a comic nerd. That's cool. I don't think THAT's a pejorative, ever since they started that whole nerd=cool thing a few years back, but that's probably not what you're about either though, right? You're probably the type of comic nerd that's the bohemian to the hipsters

Anonymous said...

oh shit, ken kagami has a comic? I thought he just did funny drawings, that's funny, was he there?

ill iterate said...

it was more like a mini newspaper. no narrative, except that charlie is snoopy's bitch. but he wasn't there alas.

Anonymous said...

Have you been to the JRNL gallery? IT-IS-LAME.