Monday, June 9, 2008

MoCCA - Bespectacled Men

Adrian started my improvised photo shoot waving at the camera, but after several attempts at capturing him in a "good mood" failed, the shutter finally clicked. I think he's still relatively happy because we weren't in the dungeon of taint sweat known as the 7th Floor.
(btw: D&Q had a cool bag that you can see behind Mr. Tomine.)
Balding pattern notwithstanding Kazimir looks like a white version of Adrian, I thought. Sparkplug continues to be my favorite stand, where this year I found "Henry & Glenn 4eva" and Rico McTaco, which weren't new per se, but reminds me of what really matters:
Gay Sex.
And the physical traits of Adrian+Kazimir+a redwood tree, equals Alec Longstreth, who contributed to another of my favorite purchases at the Festival: "Hey 4 Eyes," a 'zine about glasses culture, by Robyn Chapman. (You'll notice all these guys are wearing more or less the same exact pair of glasses, actually.)

Jason Shiga. Or, what you do when you don't have a MoCCA booth: set up a folding table outside the entrance and chill out in a wife beater. "Fortunately" for Shiga there was a fire in the Puck Building Sunday afternoon, which forced all of indie comicdom outside, and straight into his arms. I'd suspect foul play except anyone standing outside as long as Shiga had couldn't possibly have had a dry match on his person.


Michelle said...

Shiga is straight up gangsta.

Anonymous said...

Jason Shiga is a sexy man

ryan said...

Out on the hot streets, he was more Shigacorn than Jason.

ill iterate said...

shigacorn is definitely a sexy gangsta. he said himself he felt like vin diesel in Pitch Black.

salty eric said...

once i cut jason shiga's hair at a zine convention for a dollar. i asked him what he wanted to do his hair and he said he wanted to look like tobey macguire! highlight of my 2003.

Alex! said...

what the hell man?

am i somehow not bespectacled enough for your photo parade?

I'm hell of bespectacled!

ill iterate said...

aw c'mon. i totally posted you in the next blog item! besides, i didn't have a sufficient close up of your bespectacles.