Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I just did a Google search for "Kodak promotions," looking for the film company's awesome proprietary merchandise.

What to my surprise, the first search result was "Americans For Truth," which tells you which corporations are "pro-homosexual," but in case it's not clear, they do this so that you might think less of those corporations.

"Welcome to Americans for Truth (dot com), a newly reorganized national organization devoted exclusively to exposing and countering the homosexual activist agenda."

Well as you might imagine, almost every company in the northwestern hemisphere is more or less pro-homosexual. For starters, IT'S ILLEGAL not to be. Well, today, their home page consists of a Coca-Cola and Best Buy logo, and according to AFT, these companies are not just gay-friendly...they are both "100% Pro-Homosexual Corporations." (sic)

Of course, ultimately all this site suffices to accomplish for me, is make their featured corporations sound pretty awesome. In fact if you ignore the mawkishly barrel-bottom html style, and telltale URL, you'd think you were reading a page from PFLAG.

Furthermore, I used to think CC and BB were lame megaliths of capitalism, but now they're lame megaliths of capitalism that I get to call Mary. How awethome is that?

Anyway, I suppose this means Kodak is gay-friendly, but if anyone wants to help me find their promotional merchandise director, well, just call me Barbara.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes I find myself using "(sic)" all wrong, like "Ughhh... I feel (sic) from eating so much (ic)e-cream"