Monday, July 14, 2008

Poem From a Bon Vivant

He requested anonymity, but I for one would be proud to have penned this:

There once was a girl named Anne,
who was not the least bit bland.
From dress to blog,
As far as I see,
The taste of her -- O-ishii!

There are so many layers to this. I mean, they're all visible layers, but layers nonetheless.

On a related note, I recently went to a garden party for some wealthy Japanese businessmen, where most of the women were really tall, leggy, large-breasted, glossy-lipped, long-haired Asians or Eastern Europeans. It occurred to me very quickly that they were likely in the adult industries (exotic dancing, hostessing, hooking, etc.).

Some other tell-tale signs:
None of them was wearing perfume or fragrance of any kind (which I learned in Diary of a Manhattan Call-Girl, is to avoid smelling like a potential John's mother).
One of them volunteered some of her broken Japanese: "daisuki" (I like you a lot), "aishiteruyo" (I love you), and "kakkoii" (that's hot).

It was interesting to say the least.

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