Saturday, July 12, 2008

New Hybrids in Music Genres

As chance (or foresight) would have it, I've been given a handful of books to read that all have to do with pop music fandom. Fiction, mind you, but right on the money.

I'll make my list later, but meanwhile, I got me to thinking of new hybrids in music genres. For example, I still remember hearing "Carny Core" to refer to Black Heart Procession. "Jurassic Core" to refer to Envy. I'll never ever understand "acid jazz," because it will always only sound like techno music and the Buddha Bar to me, but I like the nomenclature.

Here are some ideas I had for other hybrids. Ideas I would love to fully execute if anyone wants to join.

Bourgeois-core: we play in kakhis and polo shirts, top-siders and ponytailed straight long hair (unless you're a dude, in which case you have a crew cut and wear a bjorn full of The New Yorker. Instead of booze we drink coffee from Starbucks, java jacket and all. Band name: Jayden Pierce Blues Explosion

Cougar Metal: We play to the Hanson (as in MmmBop) crowd, but we're "luscious babes in our dotage." Band name: Le Tourneau

Original English Nips (OEN): Taking cues from Original English Manga (OEM), we play as if a Japanese band, but "we" are all non-Japanese. Fuggit, make that non-Asian. Trademarks of the OEN act include producers that eclipse the fame of all the band members, EXCEPT for possible guitarist who IS the producer, and the twee girl singer. Band Name: Asobi Fakku

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