Monday, July 14, 2008

I just bought a pair of these: Anglomania Mary Janes by Vivienne Westwood for the Brazilian recycled shoe-maker Melissa. I bought mine at Epaulet but you can find them online, too.

I rarely get all Carrie Bradshaw about this stuff but these are out of control awesome shoes. Comfortable and killer hot. What the photo doesn't really show is the rivets molded for the little toes.

In other news, I will be at the San Diego Comic-Con. If you see these shoes, they're likely on me. Say hi.


Anonymous said...

Everyone else will be wearing black platforms. I don't know WHY they go so well w/ Naruto costumes but they just do.

Anonymous said...

this is ming! i misplaced your biz card. i was gonna call you to ask for more suggestions for places to shop... and to see if you wanted to grab a cup o joe. could you email me your info??? thanks!