Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I saw a TV commercial for the remake of George Cukor's The Women last night (granted around 2am and already in pain from a weekend of hiking) and was incredulous. Hollywood has given up trying to even pretend it's going to market its movies.

I know I know. Hollywood has sucked for ages now. But it's not the quality of the narratives or the b.s. about Christian Bale donkey punching his mom.

OK what the fuck is Anne talking about:
Unless it's Pixar or about war, most of the blockbusters (or attempt at one) in theaters this year have been exclusively gendered for either men or women.

And in case you weren't sure which one's for you, the movies are given titles like The Sisterhood of the Mamma Mia Women.

I mean seriously. I do remember a time when men and women were enjoying the same movies, but the last three adult live-action movies I've seen -- Dark Knight, Iron Man, Mongol -- had only one or two women characters in them. I'm assuming it's the same with aforementioned Traveling Mamma's Pants. In fact the only reason I haven't seen the lady-films is because hetero-normative boyfriends would rather go to the corner store and buy you tampons than go to a chick flick.

Oh well. I suppose it's appropriate that the only two places where the genders have to be totally sequestered is the cineplex and the shitter.


Ming said...

Oh man, I think you are right. This is probably going to suck, but I really want it to be good. I remember seeing the play in HS and thinking it was good.

Tom Spurgeon said...

Has anyone with a vagina ever seen the Cukor version of The Women? I've never met one. Although I'm pretty sure if there were a gay culture Da Vinci Code all the important clues would come from dialogue in that movie.

ill iterate said...

Actually, there's apparently one vagina who's seen the movie. The only other person who commented.

That said, I can guarantee that the only people who will go to the new version are those who've had their vaginas "rejuvinated."

Tom Spurgeon said...

I would like to do a remake of my last blog post.