Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I love poor picture editing

So I get news of this scandalous film censure taking place in Bangkok via KineJapan:

There are reports that the Bangkok Film Festival dropped Sakamoto Junji's new film Children of the Dark (Yami no kodomotachi) because of objections by the main sponsor, the Tourism Authority. The film deals with child prostitution in Thailand.

And I follow the link.
"Vicky Christina Barcelona" gets brief mention in this news item, yes. But Woody Allen's picture? IN A PIECE ABOUT CENSURING THE STORY OF UNDERAGED ASIAN SEX WORKERS?



Anonymous said...

That's how articles w/o pictures are SUPPOSED to be written, w/ a throw-away note about Woody Allen so that you can include his picture.

Ming said...

Hahaha! Honestly it is hilarious. Or do I mean delicious? I'm not sure if it's technically ironic, but it still made me laugh!