Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Batmanga Update

Hey everybody. Thanks if you did and thanks if you didn't make it to Chip's talk at The Strand last night. Just wanted to let you know:

Last night was the only instance in which The Director (Chip), The Curator (Saul Ferris), The Photographer (Geoff Spear) and The Translator (Anne) were all in one place to sign copies, and we signed a lot of them for Strand stock. If you buy one of these babies and then got the original Batmanga creator (Jiro Kuwata) to add his autograph, you'd have the illest copy of the book.

Go get the second illest copy at The Strand.


Anonymous said...

My copy has Mr. Kuwata's hair and cigarette ash in it, just a little. What would that make my copy? 4th?

ill iterate said...

that would make it a tenth level wizard powerful ill copy.

Anonymous said...

Make love, not Warcraft.

mcvmcv said...

saweet! congrats anne!