Wednesday, October 29, 2008

ill iterate is in The New Yorker!

This is true. I have made it into the New Yorker!
But it's not quite the mention that will dry the angst of my super novelist dreams deferred...who'm I kidding I'm friggin' STOKED to have my name printed in there at all. I'll relish while it lasts.

(Visual: Anne stroking two inch 8-point mention of self in NYer, singing "You're Gonna Make It After All" in falsetto...through Batman mask...and tears.)


(This is my last Batmanga post for the day, swears.)


Anonymous said...

aw, I thought I was going to read a 16 page ill blog post in the NYer

ill iterate said...


Deborah said...

Hey Anne, that's so cool, and like how do you know the New Yorker...?
(Seriously, too too too, I will cut it out and keep on corkboard for many years to come--no higher honor at my house)