Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hard Times...


At a recent auction in London:

The most dramatic moment was the silence that fell when Murakami's 6.5-metre-high fibreglass sculpture Tongari-Kun (2003-04) failed to attract a single bid. It was expected to fetch at least £3.5 million. The Japanese artist, clad in a black puffy jacket, laughed after the lot was passed in a hushed room.

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Deborah said...

Either economics or everyone has suddenly come back to their senses. "Tongari-kun?" If you like that sort of thing, you can buy a whole bag of snacks called "Tongari-corn" for 100 yen. There was a show on the other night about how the Tezuka Production office gets refusal rights on the US version of "Atom Boy," and they hated the original design, ridding AB of his eyelashes and baby cheeks. There was dissatisfied mumbling about the US side "wanting to make money on their movie." And yet some artist was planning to score big on a piece of art called "Tongari-kun???" Sheeeesh