Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ill iterate is ill-hungover

While I wait for my equilibrium to settle back in, I'm going to drop my kids off at the blog pool.

1. What are the odds of this very true fact happening: I moved into an apartment in Red Hook Brooklyn last year, to discover the third of three apartment tenants is a Japanese woman. It was a pleasant surprise for me, as it allows for some Japanese banter in the foyer, and if banter's good for anything it's to practice a foreign language, n'est-ce pas?

Then, one day I came into the foyer and found on the ground, a Japanese flyer for a neighborhood church. "Seek salvation in Him."
My mom sends me stuff like this all the time, hoping I'll start going to Sunday school again, so I took for granted that it might not be my flyer. So I took it inside and was about to (mom, close your eyes) throw it away, when I noticed penmanship not belonging to my mother, at the top of the thing. The flyer was addressed to a "Tomoko Tanaka" (this is clearly an alias. The Japanese equivalent of a jane doe or joe six-pack.). Apparently, the woman who used to live in my apartment a couple tenants back, was also a Japanese woman. Also, the landlord is not Japanese.

Is that odd, or is it just me?

2. Speaking of Joe Six-Pack, whatever happened to the other "Joe"s?

Joe Seder Plate
Joe Momma
Geo Prism
G.I. Jane
G.I. Lynndie
Cho-cho san
Yo soy el yo-yo


Anonymous said...

Isn't that the beginning of Ju-on?

ill iterate said...

you know, i think it is. which means my boyfriend probably fucked and killed all of us. whooooo