Wednesday, November 5, 2008

JFK Terminal 5 went to the future and came back

It's been all of four weeks since I was last at JetBlue in NYC, but I was stunned to be rerouted through a Skywalk to what looks like a weird appropriation of the future-past as airport terminal. Everything is designed around the shape of a circle, and feels like an international airport. There's even a duty-free shop.

But check this out:

I go to the food court to get some overpriced dinner before I board, when what to my delight there is an Asian food stand with things like "charbroiled pork bao" and "udon noodle soup." I wasn't that hungry so I ordered the $4.50 hot n' sour soup (you really can't fuck up with h n' s, I say -- you cover a bunch of vegetable quotas, plus it's spiced with vinegar instead of msg).

Anyway, $4.50 is a lot for poor-man's Chinese-American stew, but it's an airport so I'm forgiving.

Then, the cashier hands me this:That is a HALF-GALLON of soup.



Anonymous said...

Hot and sour should hurt your throat when you drink it, from the sour, not the hot. It's good hurt -unlike the 4.50 type of hurt.

Deborah said...

Nothing like a half-gallon of liquid before a flight across the continent...
hope there were no delays or problems with the plumbing.

lazysundae said...

that's what i get at my corner place. eat half, bathe in the rest. AMEN!