Thursday, December 11, 2008

ill iterate is in Neighbor Bee Blog

I love Neighbor Bee. One of the few blogs that covers New York without that "New Yorker" exoticism. Turns out Serena (my interviewer and Managing Editor of this blog), and I are like Oreo cookies stuck on the same splooge of New York culture. I love meeting people that way. You know, like when you have your own organic friendship with someone and find out they were about to be introduced to you at some party the next day.

"You know Andy? No way! We're like soul mates!..You guys are soul mates? NO WAY!!!"

Anyway, shameless pandering, and bookmark Neighbor Bee. Worth reading despite its questionable choice in interview subjects. [Oh, and I'm fully aware of all my typos so don't blame them.]


Ed Sizemore said...

You're translating Detroit Metal City?! My head just exploded at your awesomeness. Probably the best side effect of this manga is now you can't tell the die hard Kiss fan from the the die hard cosplayer. As a former Kiss fan I love the crossover.

Nate said...

Dude, don't knock symphonies for excessive numbers of guitars - have you heard Rhys Chatham's "Crimson Grail" or "An Angel Moves too Fast to See"? By the way, your Ugly Doll post blew my mind - I had NO IDEA those things were the phenomenon they apparently are...