Monday, December 8, 2008

Two things have just become official:

1. I am drunk.
2. I should never edit drunk...


1. Drinking should only ever be to celebrate and never to mourn (in this case, mourn the hours I spend reading anything other than my own writing or the Dragonlance series).
2. I saw the words "fill in the blank" and thought only of porn.
3. Watching an African-American commentator on "News Hour with Jim Lehrer," I thought of how much more subtlely they incorporate the opinions of black people now that Obama is president. Jim Lehrer should never be accused of racism and there. I just did.
4. I was drunk watching "New Hours with Jim Lehrer," which goes on at 7pm.
4. I'm not done yet.

Yet. Having said all that I have plenty of other things I gotta get done, namely:

1. (Fill in the blank)


Anonymous said...

Methinks you have a drinking problem.

ryan said...

this sounds a lot like my life lately :)

Deborah said...

I find a little alcohol is helpful with "literature," and should never be used in the "commercial" realm. If it's dark at 7 p.m., it's fine to watch Jim Lehrer in an inebriated (sp?) state, but keep the racist remarks to yourself...I guess.

Ed Sizemore said...

I think this picture is appropriate: