Wednesday, February 11, 2009

grammys observation -- very late edition

I, like ten other people, was trapped at home Sunday night with very little else to do after a tumultuous Comic-Con weekend, and decided to spend my quiet evening recuperating watching the Grammys. I came out of it with only one observation:


Namely, with Justin Timberlake. At least Kevin Bacon has 6 degrees separation. JT just has his rectum wrapped around your face.

And while I'm not offended by anything that happens to Coldplay, I am put off by Jay Z making his "surprise" entrance during a somber piano solo, like he's going to wow us. Because at the end of the gay, he doesn't wow us. At all. I haven't been this embarrassed for someone since Sarah Palin. Someone remind him he's not the one who came up with The Grey Album.

I mean, when David Bowie surprises an Arcade Fire audience, it works.
Run DMC banging down Aerosmith's studio wall worked.
Linda Rondstadt x Aaron Neville worked.
Seiko Matsua x Donnie Wahlberg...ugh...god...

Paris Hilton wants Sir Paul McCartney in HER next album.
John Lennon is doing the opposite of turning in his grave.

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