Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kind of amazing

There were some pretty random NYCC booths this 2009.

Dolla Morte's publisher, Bill Zebub, was there, showing strong for the metal contingency. Eric and I bought a couple documentaries that I still haven't been able to watch for lack of proper alone time.

But the crème de la crème for me was Radio Spirits. Recordings of old radio shows, including...
Greent Hornet and Kato! The radio show predates the TV show several decades, and folks, I'm listening to it now, but it's a real gem. It feels good on the ears. All the voices have their own distinct timbre. The cops have Irish accents, the criminals sound like BoSox fans. They say things like "Jumpin' catfish!" "Holy Glory," "Holy Coals," "Holly Moses" and of course, "Holy Moly."

And Kato.
Kato comes off as an oblivious chink to the cops, but because this is radio and radio-media is unburdened by the fear of portraying chinks on visual broadcast, Kato gets to have serious dialogue with Britt Reid/Green Hornet. In other words, he's not a martial weapon, but a regular Sherlock. Amazingly, though he started out Japanese, he is eventually Filipino.

Most interestingly though, the female characters' voices are all Ishii-normal -- i.e. deep and declarative. Which begs the question, when did the "upspeak" falsetto-pitch girl voice come to fore?

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Jimmy Aquino said...

Kato was Pinoy in the original radio show? That's the illest thing I've read today. I did not know that.

So in addition to being a Slug, you're also an old-timey-radio geek? Why did it take so damn long to meet you, Anne?