Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ishii's NY Comic-Con weekend

Starting the morning fresh at Javits Center for NY Comic-Con. Pretty sure "fresh" and "Javits Center" have never met in a sentence.

Meetings on Intellectual Property and then selling BUTTloads of T-shirts and UglyDolls at the GR Booth. (See you there!)
Booth-sitting at Publishers Weekly later, if you want to hear me wax optimistic about publishing.
Stare agape at what I predict will be some g-hetto cosplay outfits (you know, cuz of the recession), and nod vacantly to a conversation about Asterios Polyp.
Afterward, follow me to the KGB Sex Workers Literati Reading (at the KGB bar)!

Back at Giant Robot for the day. Sidenote: I thrive in these high-impact customer service moments. Come by and get clowned.
Then I'm paneling with Monsieur C. Kidd, for the incredible, incredulous, incomprehensible honor he keeps bestowing me as co-conspirator of Bat-Manga! I swear I'm as pointless as lyrics in a Ruins' single, but I'll fink of somefing to say...
And in a last minute save for the Asian-Ams, Ishii will moderate a panel on superhero anthology, Secret Identities. I know a scant couple of you will sense potential conflict here, but my response to you is, "why do you think they asked me to do this in the first place?"
Then of course, DEHARAVATH.

If I've done anything right the previous two nights I'm not going to wake up till 11am. I'll come in and hoover-vac any floor copies of anything people want to unload.

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