Saturday, February 7, 2009

Boba Fettish

Citizens of the Nerdsphere,

I hope to see lots of cosplay today. Yesterday's Hellboy-Batman (a la Bale) was simply gorgeous, winsome, meta-nostalgic. Where are the body paint and rubber abs of yore?
But hark what hoodie through yonder booth breaks? The most popular costume, at NYCC, was undoubtedly, the Boba Fett hoodie by Ecko.That's Mark, the new GRNY-employee who happens to be an old friend of a friend. Small galaxy, hyuk hyuk (Ishii pushing glasses up her nose and sniffing up). He and I counted close to 20 Boba Fett-hoodie wearing attendees pass our booth yesterday, which was at least 20 more than any plasticine version we saw. (Mark promptly took the sweater off after seeing three doppelgangers. He's such a queen.)

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