Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Studio 360taku

I love Studio 360. I love Kurt Anderson, and I love the amazing stories he produces. I love the sound editing. His daughter guest stars in this week's episode and she seems cool. But...

Kurt, if you have access to a time machine, I would be so grateful if you took this week's episode on Japan and go back to either:

a. 1991, when Purikura, Hikikomori, Akihabara and Unusually Polite Train Station Missives in Japan were news, or
b. The day before you uploaded this episode

and I dunno, fix it or something. I want to go back to saying with unflinching enthusiasm that Studio 360 is still the best show on NPR. Too little too late by the time you bring in Shuntaro Tanikawa.

p.s. it's Akihabara, not AKAhabara.

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