Friday, February 13, 2009

Tales From the Crypt: NYC Recessions edition

This is an almost word-for-word transcript of a phone call I just had:

Man: hello?
Anne: Hi. I'd like to speak with John Doe (my accountant)
Man: He's not here.
Anne: Oh. (Pause) Is Jim Doe (his partner) in?
Man: No. Sorry. Good day now.
Anne: Wait, I'm sorry, is this not an accounting firm anymore?
Man: (annoyed) Who is this?
Anne: Anne Ishii, someone there did my taxes last year.
Man: No, no one's here.
Anne: Where is John Doe now then?
Man: He left in May.
Anne: So...this isn't an accounting firm anymore.
Man: No. Sorry. Good bye.


jeffk said...

Sounds kinda shady - although their implausible names should have tipped you off from the beginning....

Anonymous said...

sounds like a murakami novel.

chespace said...

sounds like a murakami novel.